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System Glitch tee

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Size Chart

Size Chest (in.) Waist (in.)
Small 34-36 30-32
Medium 38-40 32-33
Large 42-44 33-34
Extra Large 46-48 36-38

Design Notes: System Glitch

One day we were scrolling through Instagram and found an amazing illustration of 3 different leaves. We sent the artist a DM and were getting ready to buy the rights to the artwork. Before agreeing on anything, we traced the image quickly in Illustrator, re-colored the image and exported the trace.

As soon as we imported the traced image into Photoshop, the image went crazy and that’s what you see in the design today. We tried it again a few times, but we got the same result and gave up for the night. The image file was totally corrupted! After a bit of research the next day, we discovered there was a bug in Photoshop causing this issue. But after posting the corrupted image mockup on our Instagram story, we had unanimous votes on the design being cool anyways.

After experimenting with a few fonts, we came up with this as the final product. Sometimes crazy things happen for a reason.

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